Slip n Slide

Slip n Slide (Brad Emmons & Rick Hodgson)

The Birth of Slip N Slide

It all started in the summer of 2003 during a jam session in the control room of Starlink Sound. Brad Emmons noticed a Regal dobro guitar hanging on the wall & asked Rick if he would play something, which he did, and Brad started jamming along. Things began to click & they realized that they sounded pretty good together and maybe they should book some gigs. For 2-1/2 years they played quite regularly Between Picton & Cobourg Ontario. Because of the “slide” the name Slip N Slide was born. In 2006, Brad left for Alberta to work in the oil fields, which caused a pause in the with the project. 

Prior to Brad leaving, Rick and Brad recorded 6 songs in the control room  “off the floor”.  There it sat for 8 or 9 years! 

After returning from Alberta, they decided to record 5 additional songs by multitracking instead of “live off the floor” with some help from some of their musician pals. (Dave Curtis, Gary Buffet, Duncan Cooper & Louse Ford) 

In 2016 they almost lost all of the recordings due to a major computer crash. A friend of Rick’s, Carman “the magic man” was able to recover the information painstakingly over a 3 week period. Energized by this development they figured it was high time that they finished this project and put it to rest. 

And here it is, 20 years later, recorded, mixed & mastered!

New Album:
"20 Years In The Making"

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